McElwain's visitors

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 4:40 PM

Florida head football coach Jim McElwain is entertaining members of the coaching staff from his alma mater this week. The Eastern Washington coaches are staying in his garage, McElwain said.

“You’ll see them out there (at practice),” said McElwain, who also coached at Eastern Washington. “Excited to see the Eagles running around. They came all the way over here and are staying at my house, and we put them in the garage. They’re sleeping in my garage. That’s what you do at that level. You can’t afford a hotel room, so they’re sleeping in the garage.

“We’ve got some blowups I gave them. It’s amazing how you don’t get spoiled when you’re at those places. You appreciate all the little things.”

— Robbie Andreu

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